BMS (Business Managmeent Software) is a web-based complete software featuring different modules suitable for our type of business environment further localizing it in tune with local regulatory environment. BMS is designed to migrate existing manual operation into fully digitize environment in order to have fully efficient and competitive operation in place. GRS delivers industry focused services and solutions further customizing software to cater their actual business need. GRS has developed business management software (BMS) primarily targeting Digital Television, Digital Technology and Broadcasting Industry, Hardware Trading and other Media Communication sector. The service range is soon expanding in the relatively larger segment of Hospitality (Hotel, Travel and Trekking and Rafting), School and Colleges.

BMS software can be outsourced in hosted as well as license model depending upon Client's size, nature of business and growth forecasting going forward. BMS product is designed and marketed in three different editions viz. Lite, Professional and Enterprise based on customized modules in each editions primarily targeting private equity players considering existing business practices.

Lite Edition

Lite Edition is designed and developed targeting relatively smaller entities having basic requirement of digitizing major activities through software automation. This edition includes basic module of Account, Inventory, Sales, CRM, Admin, Legal and Compliance and MIS. This edition is available only on Hosted Model.  

Professional Edition

Professional Edition suits for SME segment who have standard business setup and planning to go into automation. Professional Edition is capable of running entire operation through automation with all relevant management modules required for competitive business operation. This edition includes all management modules such as Financial Operation, Operation Management, CRM, HRM, Admin, Legal and Compliance, MIS and Task Management.  Professional edition is available both on Hosted and License Model.  

Enterprise Edition

Enterprise Edition is suitable for relatively larger domicile entities be it a manufacturing or Trading based operation. This Edition includes different management modules with advanced features than professional edition plus forecasting module along with other added features in tune with local regulatory environment and business practices being followed in Nepal. Enterprise edition is available only on License model.